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An Indigenous Approach to Getting Started with Physical Literacy

Learn some practical ways that you can start to develop your students’ physical literacy, and engage with other Indigenous communities while using the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning to incorporate physical literacy in and around your school.


Getting Started with Physical Literacy

If you are wondering what physical literacy is and how you can incorporate it into your K-7 instruction, this workshop is for you! Gain an understanding of the theory behind this approach and learn some practical ways that you can start to develop your students’ physical literacy next class. A mix of theory and hands-on instruction makes this a fun and informative workshop. Come ready to move.


Making Physical Literacy Work for your Class

Come ready to move, because this hands-on workshop shows you how physical literacy instruction can work in your class. Learn fun activities based on the principles of physical literacy and see how easy it is to include these in the gym, classroom or playground. Learn the “how to” and find out how to include this approach in your K-7 physical education planning.


Physical Activity and Physical Literacy for All (Diverse Abilities)

Wondering how to adapt your K-7 physical literacy instruction to meet the needs of all your students? This is the workshop for you! Learn how to modify activities for students with diverse physical and intellectual abilities. Get great interactive tips and ideas to include all your students in activity and physical literacy.  


Physical Literacy Assessment

This workshop demonstrates how to use PLAY Basic, an easy and informative physical literacy assessment tool. By knowing your students’ aptitudes in these five movement skills, you can plan your physical literacy program and track their improvement as they learn to move. This formative assessment highlights skills that your class can improve on and guides you in selecting appropriate and fun activities.